She nods in agreement and squares her hips setting her hands them fiercely.


Rinoa grins and blushes with a nod.

"That is right, I am very strong!  Thank you for such a compliment!" she says after a thought, crossing her arms and nodding approvingly.

painful and happy memories filled Rinoa’s mind even as she dreamt… she missed Squall.

Oh yeah, so proud of this GIF set ♥

Go Tifa!  kick ass!


Eyes on me.

Rinoa sighs and nods in agreement

"You are right Sazh, the only way to change things is to be here, and never give up, never lose hope." she smiles faintly to herself

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"playing dress up, do you like this or does it just look like a leash?

or maybe its cute like that?” She winks and giggles teasingly

Rinoa licks her lips lustily at the image

"wow Tifa, he is a hottie, and he’s as strong as that?  mmhmm" she said with a slight impressed smirk and a giggle.

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Rinoa found one of Squalls practice gunblades in the Ragnarok as she was clearing his things away sadly… sobbing as she packed boxes, her pet Vulpix leaping up and down around her trying to cheer her up and burning things here and there.  She sighed, wondering if she’d ever see him again, and if she did if he would have a viable excuse… if she should care… but she couldn’t help loving him so much.  She had put his things in a locked closet so she didn’t have to see it, but finding his old practice blunted gunblade, she felt new found strength.

She hoisted it onto her shoulders like she had seen him do so many times before.  She posed and stared at herself in the mirror, looking at herself in the eyes

"I’ll get stronger, I’m a lion too." she said to herself, her eye burning with fury.

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